Rerolling Knights is a 2D Auto Battler, with gameplay inspired by Super Auto Pets and visuals inspired by Patapon. Purchase, position, and evolve your units to create an unstoppable army, besting the competition. Enemy armies you encounter are other armies built by other players in real-time! Get to 10 wins without dying and boast your victory amongst your friends.

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Gameplay Help:

  • Start every turn with 10 Gold.
  • Units and Gear cost 3 Gold, you can reroll your shops for 1 Gold.
  • You can also Freeze your shop to prevent it from refreshing next shop phase.
  • To sell a unit, drag it over the units for sale. Units sell for 1 Gold.
  • The front 5 units are the only ones that go into combat. The back 3 units are your "barracks". You can swap army and reserve units freely while in the shop.
  • 10 wins will beat the game. You lose 2 health for losing a round, except the first round where you only lose 1 health. Ties give you no wins or health lost.

StatusIn development
PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(60 total ratings)
AuthorsWaterboy, DaimenPN
Made, Unity
Tags2D, auto-battler, auto-chess, Casual, Indie, Short, Singleplayer, superautopets, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
LinksSupport, Google Play Store


Google Play Store

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Pretty fun, I'm excited to see how it develops! I think a small piece of criticism I have is that the design of the characters seem straight up ripped off Patapon. I know you mention being inspired by them, but there's a difference between inspiration and straight up yoinking their character design. I'd love to see a more original art style evolve.

beat it on my first try lol stacking a bunch of +hp onto one of those hp damager wizards is pretty broken also got -1000 damage at one point somehow

game won't play for me

Please add a 30 round challenge to AI and please check how the AI team is picked (I've been getting the same enemy comp every time for several rounds very often).

Please add some "casual" 30 round challenge to Online play. Right now it seems that only the best enemy teams get picked, which makes it quite frustrating to play against as you don't have a chance unless you get lucky.

Found a weird bug. When a baker buffs another baker's damage. The baker that gets buffed shows that its damage has gone up, but continues to do its normal damage amount, as in 1 if you haven't buffed it in any other way. In other words, bakers can't buff other bakers damage for some reason. And when I say baker I mean every single tier type that even gives damage.

furnace gave 4 hp instead of 3 attack when you buy something

Bug mention - The old healer stalemate returned if two units deal 1 damage to eachother with only backline chefs on each side that heal back that damage. Got stuck in an infinite battle through this, and I assume although much more unlikely it can happen with higher tier chefs
Also certain runs seem to write themselves into history multiple times or not at all, atleast on the web version

Another bug- with the couponer you can't buy an item for 2 gold if it is your last 2 gold.


hi! i have encountered a small bug while playing. i lost a game with shop keep on board and when i launched a new game, the start of turn: get two free rolls applied at the start of my turn.

really love the game though, neat take on autobattlers, keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback!

This is a noted bug and will be fixed in the next update (hopefully this weekend)!

honestly piercer is kind of broken, the fact that his values scales in the magnitude it does makes him undeniably the best character in the game. he needs some sort of check on his power scaling. instead of 

1 -> 2 - > 3

it should be something like

1->2 -> 3 with self damage or some sort of check, maybe even a cap on its power

I really like the game but piercer is just so dominant, you literally have to build comps around countering it


We'll be changing piercer completely in the next update

Thanks for the feedback!

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got to round 29 with a unique front buff strategy, designed around unit synergy, and went in with 22 wins and 2 hearts. faced a broken piercer. i culd best like 500/500 piercers, but that was just too much. in case any one was wondering my off screen units were a max cleric, a level two moneyman, and a level one farmer



finally new updat and with new units i got to turn 20 there isnt any other teams past here other than a team with a 413/307  tier 3 piecer? i forgot what was it called


i havent played this game in like a year bc life but im back now

Hey everyone,

Thanks for still playing if you're reading this! We're gonna start developing on the game casually again for a little bit! Sorry for the 6 month break, I was trying to get a job!

See the teaser on our twitter here:


I have a suggestion for a max level cleric; maybe like once every 2 battles, there's a 50% (or 25%) chance that the cleric revives a random teammate.


I finally pushed the new update with the Alien changes, sorry for the delay! It's up now on WebGL and soon to be on mobile.

For clarity some health stuff was going on with me, and @DayMan's real job also picked up, so time was a big issue. Also needed a break from working so hard to get this game together in pretty much a month and a half.

We're going to try to have accounts and everything set up for our next big update (so you wont lose data when we make updates) and have team naming and things to add more personalization. After that I want to get a handful of more units in and an unlock system before we make an official release on steam (which will still be free) Thanks for still playing and enjoying the game! We've stayed around 100 plays a day which is crazy! The support is unreal and we cannot thank you enough


Your game is really cool. Have played so many time.

Glad you like it!

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I just see the astronaut is actually bugged, he dont copy the lowest, he copy the most op guy. Some exploit with timetraveller ^^

Hey! I've been playing this game for a while, and I have a few suggestions...

1. Maybe add some sort of summoner? Maybe something that spawns something else when it dies.

2. Please debuff Astronaut Path and Monster. Seriously.

3. I think a campaign would be beautiful. Maybe starting out with one or two hero slots and then over time you can hire more heroes, etc. Another thing to come along with this would be boss battles - could be very interesting, especially for an Auto-Battler.


Hey, cool game, very well done.

My suggestion is to also add an option to play every game mode in shop mode instead of reroll mode where you just can buy all lvl 1 units and all itmes for different prices in a shop and reroll won't be an option. In this mode the game would be more tactical and non dependant on luck with the rerolled set of items and units. Would like to play this :)


(1 edit) (+1)

Probably one of my better builds, used Banker for more cash each round, used Poisoner to weaken most units, Necromancer would attack and gain health from the back without being harmed (hopefully) the Card Master is really just a filler, Tamborinist allows the Necromancer to gain +2/+7 each attack instead of just +0/+5, and Donkeys would just strengthen all units from failure. overall I think I could have done better, upgrading my Poisoner into a Monster would have definitely helped, maybe swapping the Card Master and the Tamborinist and then using a Sniper instead of a Card Master could have helped, but I did pretty good this run.

(1 edit) (+1)

Made another good build, Mush Knight in front to dampen enemies' attacks, A Shield? to dampen the damage Mush Knight takes, Banker obviously for more cash each round, Longbow Man to damage enemies from afar, Tamborinist to increase Mush Knight and Longbow Man's health and attack. Once again, overall good build but could use some tweaks, like maybe using some Healers, or Donkeys / Wheat Farmers to help buff each round.

Edit: I'd like to make a comment about how my Mush Knight got to -1 health, but in the same turn, my Tamborinist revived it to 1 health, but it still died, I don't know if this is intentional, but I just wanted to comment on it because if it isn't intentional, it needs a fix.

(2 edits) (+1)

On 30 runs in gauntlet, have won 7 times.
My fav team is : 3xJoker(range5), 1xMeteorWarlock, 1xOgre.
Bard(+4strenght for all/turn) and Forge(+15random strenght) on bench.

Joker are powerful vs astroshit.

(Sorry for my english)

(1 edit) (+1)

making PDF on google sheets of the unit pedia, if anyone wants to help the document allows anyone with the link to comment and suggest, so you could comment units, their stats, what they are good with and anything else.

Edit: just realized that is the view only version, here is the editable version:

this contains all units (no astronaut (yet))

revamped your sheet

(1 edit)

3 Sword Style floating text is showing +1/0 or +0/1 for each empty slot when it gains stats, instead of the 3/0,0/3.  It appears it is actually gaining the correct amount, just displaying the bonus wrong.  Also the astronaut line sorta makes the final assassin irrelevant, the assassin kills 1 unit and dies, where as the astronauts effectively remove a unit and gets a ton of stats that you didn't have to invest anything in.


Good catch on the numbers not displaying correctly.

And the astronaut line is being reworked in the next update to not be as strong!

gauntlet is fun if you just pretend astronaut doesnt exist and when it comes you know that alien is going to ruin your entire run. Seriously i cant win gauntlet because of this stupid alien unit just ruining my good units. Solo builds are non existent and balanced teams isnt even enough to counter aliens because they'll always have backup units. And i'm refusing to use astronaut.

the counter for alien right now is tamborinist since it can buff your units in battle but still even if you do that anything that targets the back line is bad for your team

pure strength and endurance failed. i am upset

one salty monster can ruin your team. :/

everyone seems like they overlook a unit that is immune to ogres, shadows, and piercers it is the aoe buffer the bard. Think About It You Can Buff All Of Your Units In Health To Survive A Ogre Attack, A Shadow Attack, And A Piercer Attack

(1 edit) (+2)

i "beat" gauntlet it was ez since only two people were online

Edit: I Got A "Flawless Run" On Gaunlet

Gonna say it. Hate the new astronaut.

ye he is the only tier 2 that you dont want to get early game since no matter what you do it is bad

early alien: will give 5/5 to a unit (most teams in the early rounds are weak so you are buffing them)

early spaceman: it will debuff its self since all unit you buy early game will have weaker stats than the spaceman

Yeah, gonna be reworking it this weekend

What do you hate about it?

(1 edit)

The left path is just so broken against my type of build. Im kinda just screwed if it took the single only unit im buffing and replaced it with crap stats. Even if I have an even balanced team that just 1 out 5 member just gone and usually i only buff 3 while they'll likely have other backups if the astronaut swaps with one of my weak units. I feel like the left path can be balance with copy instead of swap. The right path is fine i just dont like going against left path.


Finish the gauntlet! Really nice game.


This team worked much better than I expected it to


yooo this strat is op

How do you freeze? I've tried to drag the rage leaf to the freeze button, press freeze then try to press the thing I want frozen, but It won't work.


That's not how the freeze function works you just click on it to save the current shop items in place so that they don't get rotated out in the next round.


New update coming soon. We're  a bit delayed due to technical issues and a bit delayed cause we needed a break!

It will have a new (longer) mode that everyone has been asking about!


cool can you fix this bug when ever i start a new run sometimes i get a fight with 5 10/10 Units This Happens On The FIRST Turn Where You Can Only Get 3 Units


Awesome game, I think it would be cool to add an endless mode to test comps to the limit


eh they are planning on that maybe idk what update that will be added

(1 edit) (+1)

The monster is super op

ye there is also a lot of others that are op

had an idea for knife thrower to work since it is currently not used that much

it is good to destroy the front line unit so put it on the front and put your best unit behind it also add some range behind if you want to

Tier List For Tier 3 Units

Ranks (using numbers):

10/10 The Best


-68/10 Reserved for knife thrower

Big Backpack 7/10

A Good Self Scaling Unit

Time Traveller 8/10

Can Get A Pizza And Magic Hat + Shield Stack

Overprepped & Rat Man 9/10

Good Pair With Couponer or The Donkeys (if they work right now they don't)

Longer Bow Man 9/10

Giving This One Damage Counts As Two

Sniper 6/10

good until you lose ur entire team

Long Crossbowman 10/10

if you pair this with reverser you can kill the enemy's team strongest unit or tank (not stolen from the rerolling knights twiter account)

Akimbo 0/10

Piercer does better

Tamborinist 6/10

would've given this a 4/10 if i didn't lose to a team with it

Marching Band & Soul Musician 7/10

aoe stuff is normally good

Rock Star 6/10

now give +2 +2 instead of +3 +3 fair enough

Part 2.4/3


Finished the unit-pedia :D

I literally oneshot entire teams. Manage to stall on 2 trophies somehow and it helped me buff this beast.
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