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Hey all, in case anyone hasn't heard, we just passed 1000 plays on itch in a single day. That's unreal. We tweeted about it on the Rerolling Knights twitter here:

Thank you all so much for playing the game! We will have a public Discord opened up with the next update, coming this weekend, for everyone to share builds, guides, strategies, and share your complaints thoughts with the developers.

Until then, thanks for commenting and being a part of this community, Y'all are rad <3

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I like it




yw, btw I found a tiny teensy mistake. the one-man army and round warrior aren't by each other but they come from the same tier one unit instead it is alternating with the poisoner and Assasin. it probably doesn't bother anyone else but im a perfectionist lol.


It bothers ME! The guy who made the UI! I'll have this fixed in the next update :)

Same thing with how the tier 3s arent just in the rows of 4 matching the base unit, it feels wrong and also a bit harder to figure out whats left in a unitpedia


one more thing sry but i kinda bothers me that you have to buy the friend whistle and after you use it you have to buy the unit as well

lol glad it's not just me that it bothers




mages are too op pls nerf ( no funni intro this time :( )

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Oh Also The Friend Whistle ( i want one irl pls ) doesn't work with the mages right (done on beginner mode to "revive" the op tier 4)


Hey Everyone!

Thanks for all the support, we've now hit over 10* my original goals of 200 plays with over TWO THOUSAND plays!

We're going to try to push an update (Balance and Content) out this weekend, which will also have an invite to our discord where we can discuss more as a community.

If you've been liking the game so far, leaving a rating or review would be incredible. Every comment makes my day so thank you all so much!


you're welcome


i have noo idea what this is a friend sent this to me and the only context i got was "i have no itch account" that's it soo idk what to call this i'm thinking his ability should be that after attack lower attack by 5 to attacked enemy and self


Shopkeeper and Hoarder: not good

Couponer and Overperper: good

This is why sometimes tier 2 evolutions are stepping stones for the better ones


Use the Ratman rather than the Overprepper. Not only does the Rat give MORE items, it also gives the items to better targets. Aka. your other units that hit multiple enemies or take reduced damage.

Overprepper would need 4 items to be as effective as the Ratman.

ye that's why couponer is there to help it gives the overprepper at least 7 items in one turn


The Couponer works just as well with the Rat.  That's the issue here: the Ratman is just always better. Because it triples the effectiveness of each item, instead of doubling it like the Overprepper. Plus it gives the extra items to units that have a better use for it than itself.


This bad boy is in the PvP pool now. Good luck!


Hey all, we just made a twitter account for the game! Give it a follow :) Discord soon!


nice i shall view it on my non existing account


pretty cool team i found

That's one BIG Unit :0

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if winning is too easy for you i got some challenges for you in no order so I won't get replies like "oh this challenge is to easy the one where you have to <insert challenge name here> because of that <insert long explanation here about abilities>" or like "NoOoOooO tHe <insert challenge name here> cHaLlenGe iS tOo hArd PLeAse pUt ThAt OnE oN HaRD chAlLEnGEs" so here we go.

1. No Gear Allowed (other units that can buff is allowed)

2. No Long Range Units Allowed (units with range above 1 is not allowed)

3. No Short Ranged Units Allowed (units with range below 2 is not allowed)

4. Like Challenges 2 or 3 but the units evolution must meet with the rules (if you want an evolution but it doesn't follow the rules put it in the barracks until it follows the rules)

5. Only One Type Of Unit

6. No Buffing Units Allowed (gear is allowed so shopkeeper and couponer is a good idea too your team)

7. Only 3 Units

8. Only 2 Units

9. Only One Unit

10. Like 9 But Barracks Are Disabled (Edit1: self buffing is allowed btw)

11. No Gear Or Buffing Units Allowed (it's possible but I did it on normal)

12. Like 10 But Gear Is Disabled


These sound quite fun! It's funny because before the game came out, the only "Player Armies" were the dev / internal tester armies, and the game was way harder. Now that more casual players are playing, the "Player Armies" may be easier than Advanced sometimes ._.

11. includes self buff or are Round Warrior, etc. allowed?

yes self buffing are not allowed


A One Man Army (with the unit called the one man army)


is it supposed to work this way????????????

Firstly, how and secondly,

 w h a t 


this is why solo armys are a good late game strat but a bad early to mid game strat


Nothing here is working incorrecrly, but it does seem like we need to tweak some of the balancing for these kinds of builds going forward!

Thanks for posting, also laughed at the intro!


Awesome game! I feel like with progress it could become a good game! However I am confused, how to I upgrade my unit's tiers?


Glad you like it!
To upgrade your units you have to buy multiple of the same from the shop and combine them once they're in your slots.  


This game is so fun! I was able to complete the Unit-Pedia over the course of a day, and it really forces you all sorts of interesting strategies, so I would recommend anyone to try. 

Of course, I also got to know the strong and weak units, in the context of creating every Tier 3. I would say that the Adventurer and Bard are best for staying ahead of the curve, while the Archer and Mage have good damage, and the Warrior provides sturdy cover for ranged units. On the other hand, the Recruit (usually), and the Lancer seemed weak, and I would pass them up when going for the other Tier 3's. 

Some of the specific Tier 2 paths also felt lacking. The Hoarder, Shop Keep, and Blacksmith are a bit too hard to use (mostly because I always need to be rerolling to find enough units for Tier 3), and the Entropy Mage never really did much until I already had a Tier 3 defensive wall. My personal favorites were the Hiker, Fire Mage, Scholar, and Weapon Smith, which worked well in lots of different armies. 

Overall, it was really satisfying to go from struggling to make any Tier 3's to getting three in a single army – there is definitely a focus on skill, and minimizing luck instead of being bent to its will.

The luckiest thing I had happen was a One Man Army in turn one – that's a shop with only Recruits, and it happened to me twice! 


Thanks for the feedback! We'll look at this when doing a balance change in the future!

We're really glad you like it!


Mind talking some about the balance? I also completed the unitpedia and I agree on some of them, and wanna get more opinions on the other ones.

I found that the Adventurer/Hiker as well as Warrior would mostly make a good early unit, because they scaled fast, but wouldn't be any good once you got all the Tier2 units necessary for your comp, in fact they'd just seem to slow me down at that point. I would imagine them to be a lot better if you reroll a lot to Tier3 them maybe?

I typically don't need to reroll too much for Tier3 and like to use Lancer/Assassin for the frontline, to get the double attack going with a Smith/Cleric/Bard for defense.

That way the Blacksmith is actually pretty decent, tho I prefer to use the Weapon Smith over it to concentrate its buffs into only 3 scaling units.


We're looking to have a discord up and running in the next couple days so discussing updates and balance will be way easier there.

We're reading all the comments though and taking them into account when we do our first balance patch in the coming weeks!


Here's A Video (agin)



Since I do game analysis as a hobby, I've tried to roughly sort good and bad units for my entertainment, for the devs to maybe save some work balancing and for players to hopefully have an easier and better time. If anyone has to add or correct anything, please go ahead and comment for the benefit of everyone.

I have only sorted Tier 2 units (since having weak Tier 2's is what you die from and my unitpedia just got deleted) and I rank them in 3 categories:

  • Weak - these units are way below the baseline, and I try to avoid them
  • Okay - these units are still below the baseline, but playable
  • Strong - these units are at or above the baseline

Drummer/Musician    Baseline

These give 5+ stats per round if you use them right. While the amount is better than normal, the spread makes it a bit weaker.

Hoplite        Baseline

This attacks 2 units, meaning it effectively doubles all buffs it receives. It also counters tanky frontliners, as it strikes behind them as well.

Javilener    Strong

Range is still OP, and this is the only ranged unit to potentially get extra attacks in. It does get counted by very tanky frontliners, but it's still decent against them, as range is their counter.

Berserker        Weak

A one-time buff of 8 damage. Other units outscale this in 1 or 2 turns. (Tip: make this unit's attack bonus temporarily grow every time it attacks)

Shield Knight        Weak

To be better than the Berserker, this guy must be hit by 9 attacks. (Tip: make this unit invulnerable during the first round of combat)

Fire Mage        Strong

Range is OP, giving this unit effectively the HP of the first slot unit, that alone makes it good. The random targeting and extra damage make it a powerhouse at cleaning up squishies.

Entropy Mage        Strong

Range still OP. Additionally, the unique ability eventually outscales the Fire Mage.

Assassin        Strong

Hitting 2 units doubles attack and attack buffs from other units. Hitting the backline is better than the frontline, but has the downside of doing nothing if it dies and they survive.

Poisoner        Strong

Range is still OP. Deals an additional 8 damage. This is the Berserker, but good. Possibly too good, since the bonus damage oftentime cleans 1-2 backliners.

Blacksmith        Strong

Grants an average of 6 stats per round, but on random targets, definitely hits the baseline

Weapon Smith        Strong

Only grants 4 stats per round, but doesn't hit barracks units, making it very reliable

Longbowman        Okay

Theoretically it gains the HP of every unit in front of it, but in practice it easily gets shut down by units that target the backline. It also barely got more "buddy" HP than a 3 range unit, due to getting nerfed to 1 attack in the frontline. (Tip: just remove the frontline nerf)

Crossbow Man        Strong

Range is still OP, and it's the only unit with 3 range. In return, the 3 extra damage is weaker than the mages' version.

Healer            Strong

This gives slightly below baseline stats to the unit that needs them the most.

Scholar            Strong

Gives 50% more stats than the healer, but to random targets. However since it targets only the army, it's still fairly reliable. Did I mention it's ranged yet?

One Man Army        Okay

Grants itself up to 8 stats, realistically the best is 6. However, it is also a bad target, due to lacking power amplifyers. The random stat distribution doesn't help. The saving grace is that you upgrade him a lot faster.

Round Warrior        Okay

Same stats as the healer, but targets ONLY itself.

Banker        Strong

The extra gold is 2 items/units every 3 rounds. In items, that's roughly 3-4 stats per round on the best targets. And units are even better.

Shopkeep    Okay

You have to buy 3 items per round for this to gain more value than the banker. This can't be used on units. And unlike the banker, 2 of these don't stack either. (Tip: make this "one random item per round is free" or "the first two items you buy each round cost 2 less")

Hiker        Weak

On average gains +3 permanent stats per round. However it's again a bad target for bonus stats. Its basline is a 6/6 (because of the +2+2 for one round item). That at least makes it okay in the first few rounds.

Hoarder        Okay

He's the hardest to judge and explain, but overall he's weak before you have access to Tier 4 items. (Tip: make him "when you use an item on a unit, use it on me again", so you still get to target your items on the good units)


Wow, it's really cool you put the list together! It's super cool that you like the game enough to do all of this!

We're going to be adding some new things and doing some patches soon that'll change the balance of the overall game pretty soon! But we'll definitely be looking at this to see where you're feeling on some units to see what we can do to get them more in line.

Thanks again and I really appreciate it!

I sure hope to see some awesome new stuff in the future. This game certainly made it to the top of my bookmarks.


The game is really good and simple, at the beginning i wasn't really a fun but while playing it i found it very entertaining, you could add an endless mode.


Hey everyone, Version 0.2 just went live! You can see the patch notes in-game or in the itch dev log. If you have an Android device, you can also play on your phone now! Check the description for the link.

Thanks everyone for playing, you folks are awesome :) We'll continue to update the game, including new content and units, and be looking to grow the community as much as possible. Keep on rerolling!


Tier 4 units are possible its just break de game :D, great game i enjoyed it!!!


idk why but I can't upgrade the people in my army

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you buy a duplicate of the troop and then you fuse them together like super auto pets and then you do that 2 times you get to pick a what the troop evolves into.


Currently, you have to buy the unit into one of you slots (Barracks/Armies) before you can combine. We're meeting to discuss to see if we should allow combining from the shop in a future patch. Sorry if this was confusing!

thank you for your help


a really good game, but please add infinite mode.


We're looking on adding more time in a future update!


bro I was trying to see what the fully upgraded bard was and I accidentally won :/

can you make more than 10 levels? it's kinda hard to explore the game when there isn't any time.


We're looking on adding more time in a future update!

pls fix this bug this glitch took soooooo long that i added sponsors for my chanell

This bug should be fixed now!



if you want to want consider MEGA-BUFFING

to do mega buffing you must have

-One Unit In Your Army

-At Least Have A Good Ability

-And At Least Two Buffing Units In Your Barracks

Watch This Video For More Expatiation

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Dont upgrade your troops past the 3rd evolution 

it breaks the game.

I upgraded a dragon (which is just the money bags dude upgraded into a banker and upgraded again) the troop becomes nothing and just stats and the game doesnt work after that. But it is still good game and I love all the different unique troops. 

(edit 1: nvm I realized that they arent meant to be upgraded past that point 

also very fun game)


Yeah, that'll be fixed in the next update and it'll be more clear that it doesn't go any farther!

Sorry that wasn't in for this release. Thanks for liking the game and playing long enough to figure it out though!


ye i agree i did that and it was broken since i did it once


patapon 4 lookin good


pls nerf solo teams Why? here is a video


Woah, that's a really powerful strat that I haven't seen yet! Creative ;)

We have the 0.2 update coming very soon, but it doesn't address any large-scale design or balance changes. We're aiming to get an update on some balancing and maybe some other tweaks to design coming in either 0.3 or 0.4, so stay tuned!

ye i didn't expect this to be op since i thought it was dumb at the time

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hey look it is sword and shield (not pokemon)

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This Patapon and SAP combination is really great! When I sat down today I did not expect to get hooked into unlocking every tier 3 but here I am now, definetly enjoyed my time with it.


Glad you liked it!


I edited my original post but I don't know if sends notifications or something for those, but after posting I also wanted to comment on two of the units:

I will say that the Hoarder and Shopkeep probably feel like the weakest units and I'd like to maybe see some buff? While they synergize well, the hoarder trades being able to get 3 free 1 tier gear for the fact that you can spend gold to get 2 gear for any tier, technically. Shopkeep makes it slightly more bearable, but by themselves, if you instead get the banker, they technically can make the difference of buying 2 food at shopkeep price while being more versatile. While I think tier 3s for shopkeep are better, tier 3s for Hoarder feel barely like an upgrade, especially Overprepped. I think the last thing against them is scalability. While having 2 tier 2s of other units, they can act independently, making you recieve the rewards of both units (ex. while going for tier 3 scholar, having 2 tier 2 scholars gives you twice the health buffs as one), while here the units don't give any additional benefit except stats when combined.
I think that this is a fun route with the units to take but too hard to execute (Maybe am just bad or trying too hard to get tier 3s) and not simply go for a hiker/banker, while I also understand that a solution like 2 Shopkeeps reducing price by 2 might get too good.

(2nd Edit) Ok well maybe scratch that as I just managed to get in a win with this with only 2 losses (albeit carried by Poisoner), still I'd like to know your thoughts on the units!


I definitely think Shop Keep and Hoarder could use a little love. They both scale really well into the late game on their own with the upgraded gear coming in later (the hoarder does duplicated the AOE effects), but I do think they need a slight nudge after looking over the units people have gravitating towards recently.

I don't think they're unplayable or anything though, just need a small adjustment of some kind to bring them back into line with the other units on terms of power level.


I love this game. The graphics are simple but charming, the style really speaks to me 10/10 for me here. The mechanics are also solid, simple and fun.

There are only minor downsides, but I'll list them here anyway:

  • can't upgrade unit directly from shop, need to clear inventory space first
  • games are relatively short, would be nice to set a game time for X rounds or X wins (at least 15 or 20 wins should be an option)
  • Tier 1 & 2 units are fewer in number than Tier 3 units, but it's also really hard to get more than 1 or 2 Tier 3 units before winning. The game would gain a lot from a greater selection of early units, rather than late units. (maybe T2s could share some of their upgrades, rather than having 2 unique ones each)

We're looking into a longer gameplay loop in the future.

Also in a future content update (Probably in a week or two) there will be a bunch more Tier 1 units to play with and a new mechanic that keeps the game fresh, while still having a bunch of 3*s to discover!


Also thanks for the kind feedback, we appreciate it a lot and are really glad you like it!


A deadlock can happen when 2 clerics fight.


That will be fixed in our next update!

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first ever playthrough won


is there  better duo than this?

not really but i will say adding a shield dude would help 

dont mind the fact that i have a tier 3 rogue and the fact its in the wrong side


I faced this army in the Player Armies difficulty! I guess that means that it works.

Nice also I hope you won that battle hopefully


first win


Won again




If I Haven't Lost I Would Have Gotten A Tier 4


I'm glad you lost cause they don't exist yet... shhhh don't tell anyone


Whoops Accidentally Uploaded This

This will be fixed in the next update haha, Thanks for playing enough to get here though!


ye you should fix the tier 4 there ability to crash the game if opposing army will win is too op

what do you mean by yet? hmmmmmmmm sus


A way to keep going after 10 rounds would be great.  An endless mode trying to get as high as possible sounds great.


We're looking into a good way to do this going forward. There isn't a great way to create armies that go past 30 turns at the moment but we'll try to figure it out!




Love seeing someone starting to build off of SAP! Love some of the twists you've brought here, definitely mining more of the genre's potential.


Thanks! I really just wanted to see if the evolving mechanic would work in the format so I'm glad you've enjoyed them!



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