Rerolling Knights v0.5 - The Trio Update

After a year in the making, the newest update to Rerolling Knights arrives.

In this update we've added THREE new unit lines with unique mechanics, unseen on anything you've played before (unless you were a big Tamborinist fan).  We're hoping they mesh well into the Gameplay without feeling too out of place. These ideas were very new for this game though, and could definitely bring about some unforeseen problems, so please let us know if you run into any issues!

Thank you again for the constant support, there hasn't been a SINGLE day without someone playing the game, even with the lack up updates over this year. We're really glad you're loving the game and having a good time!

Warning: If you're playing on the web, your Unitpedia and other saved settings will reset this patch. We are looking into a fix for this to prevent it in the future.

New Features!

  • Introducing the Paladin! - A unit that is blessed and is able to survive any LETHAL hit on ONE HP! When leveling up he can bless himself more or give blessings to others! A new supportive front line unit that doesn't rely on health scaling to take a couple hits.
  • Cooking up a Storm, the Chef!: This chef doesn't wish to fight, but to feed... his teammates. Instead of attacking, this unit gives buffs to everyone else in the army!
  • A Unit Double Whammy, the Haunted: With so much death and turmoil on the battlefield, it'd be likely for some spirits to stick around. This unit has one of those spirits stuck on to them, and after they pass away, that spirit's gonna be mad! Two long requested features put together for one fun unit.


  •  Reworked the Banker line to include a free reroll mechanic!
  • Nerfed the Smith line (again lol) so there should be less attack stats everywhere!
  • Tamborinist was reworked and the effect was moved to the Chef line!
  • Archer class has some ridiculous new hats!
  •  Button text hover effects!
  • The Logo has some movement!
  • New Difficulty Window.
  • New Unit Selection UI.
  • Added a Randomize Unit Selection button.
  • New Unit Stats UI makeover.
  • Some other stuff we probably forgot!

  • Plays the correct victory sound now!
  • Tooltips should no longer get cut off at the edges of the screen.

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Jan 11, 2023

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