Rerolling Knights v0.3

Welcome to the second Rerolling Knights patch! This patch is our first directed towards some small balances changes, as well as introducing a new system to the game, the Unit Selection! You can read more about it below. We've also started a Twitter account (@RerollingKnight) and an official Discord server! Links for both are in the Credits Menu. Thanks for playing!

Warning: If you're playing on the web, your Unitpedia and other saved settings will reset this patch. We are looking into a fix for this to prevent it in the future.

New Features!

  • Introducing the Jester: A new Tier 1 Unit that specializes in hitting the Unit across from it, and swapping Units' positions!
  • Introducing the Farmer: Even the dullest of crops can grow with a little love! The Farmer is a new Tier 1 Unit that helps buff your team more when you're losing. Great for comebacks!
  • Unit Selection: Adding more Tier 1 Units to the game means lowering your odds in the shop of finding the Units you want. So, we've add the Unit Selection screen to allow you to choose at minimum 10 Units to start a game with. We hope to leverage this new system going forward, and we can't wait to see what you choose!


  • Combining Units now includes the Unit's base stats instead of just buffs.
    • To elaborate: When combining Units, the new Unit uses the stats of the higher of the two Units being combined, then takes half of the stats from the lower one.
  • All effects that previously targeted Units in your Army now also includes the Barracks, making it "All Allied Units."
    • This change specifically targets the effects of Smith, Weapon Smith, Armory, Scholar, Graduate, and Life Coach.
  • Losing on Turn 1, 2, and 3 now only loses 1 HP.
  • Bard: Effect modifier changed from +0/+2 >> +0/+1.
  • Rock Star: Effect modifier changed from +3/+3 >> +2/+2.
  • Soul Musician: Effect modifier changed from +0/+8 >> +0/+6.
  • Marching Band: Effect modifier changed from +5/+0 >> +4/+0.
  • Akimbo: Range 3 >> Range 2
  • Warrior: Base stats changed from 1/4 >> 1/5
  • Dragon: Added the effect "Turn Start: Gain 3 Gold" in addition to its previous effect.
  • Bargain Seeker: Units cost 2 Gold >> All purchases cost 2 Gold.
  • Overprepped: Effect changed from equip the same Gear 1 time >> 2 times.
  • Spiked Shield: Damage dealt when hit changed from 5 >> 10.


  • Hovering your "Health" in the Shop now displays the number of times you've lost.
  • Added additional "Help" section to some screens in the game.
  • Added Twitter and Discord links in the Credits page.


  • Fixed the Unitpedia being incorrectly organized.
  • Fixed the Dragon's stat buffs not displaying the correct stat changes.
  •  Fixed the History screen showing your opponent's Units in the reverse order.

Hot Fixes

Patch v0.31 is now live!

Thanks for everyone that found the bugs in the v0.3, we really appreciate all of your feedback! Here's the things that the hotfix has fixed:

-Enemy Card Throwers hitting their own team
-Being able to combine Tier 3 Units
-The Unit Selection exploit
-Card thrower's description was missing a period, and Ogre's has an extra "for" :Ogre:

In addition, we are wiping the current database of armies since some of you gamers beat the game using glitched armies. So for the first few times you play, you may be seeing the same enemy team over and over again, but this will be fixed with time. Thanks again for all of the feedback!

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Jan 22, 2022

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