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Lol this is the characters from the game patapon


Good fun!


the circus won

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Really easy to win in my opinion and this is coming from a guy who can't barely get 9 wins in super auto pets. I think you should add a expert bot difficulty or a player ranked mode

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ye i agree but you can make it harder by picking the worst units in the unit selection screen

I make it harder by trying to complete the unit-pedia

i made it harder by adding all units in the unit selection and restricted myself from using some units


When Luck


pack gang


ideas for any updates

-Achievements (ex. win without tier 3 units, win with only one type of unit, complete all of a units evolution tree, etc.)

-Accounts And Usernames? (funi army names go brrrrrrrr)

-Story Mode (very different from player armies)

-rare unit (rare unit)


Tier List For The Tier 2 Units

Warning: This List Is Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Long And Boring So You Might Misread Something

This Tier List Will Contain All Units And There Tiers (thanks to @flowG for the spreed sheet from the discord)


S Tier = Is OP

A Tier = Is 75% OP?

B Tier = Is Good

C Tier = Is Decent

D Tier = Is Less Decent

F Tier = Bad

Z Tier = Reserved For The Worst Of The Worst (no spoilers)

Tier 2 Tier List (the ones you get for combining tier 1 units (the ones from the shop) :

Hiker = B Tier

its a good gear scaling unit

Hoarder = D Tier

its just a buy 1 get 1 coupon but the get part is random

Long Bow Man = C Tier

people say range is good since it has protection against front line units but range 5 some of them say it bad

Crossbow Man = B Tier

like javilener but better since it doesn't need the front unit to faint

Drummer = B Tier

B A S S (aoe attack giver)

Musician = B Tier

aoe health giver

Healer = C Tier

you might want frontline units to get health since they will soak a lotta dam age

Scholar = B Tier

i dont buy gear until like turn 13? so this would be a A Tier if it would stop buffing itself or other buffing units in the barracks (pls im losing)

Donkey = D Tier

i wouldve put this on b tier if it worked with overprepped, ratman, and hoarder

Wheat Farmer = A Tier (It's S Tier For Me Since I Lose A Lot lol)

you might get a lot of buffs or not the maximum possible buffs are 6

Card Thrower = B Tier

this unit depends where you place it and it will deal half of its damage to the unit (ex. in the thrid slot it will deal half of its damage on the thrid emney unit) so just get an army of these and give them 200 attack each and they will deal 100 damage to each unit

The Fool = C Tier

on enemy's team: lolol i will put youre long bow man on front and then i will destroy ur team

on my team: i will switch the 4th unit with the 5th unit (both of them are the same unit)

Javilener = C Tier

Crossbow Man Is Better lol

Hoplite = A Tier

me when pierce:

Fire Mage = S Tier

its tier 3 paths are gud and it itself is goood

Entropy Mage = S Tier

Health Time

Shop Keep = F Tier

I Have Two Ways Of Reworking This Unit

1. Gives Each Unit A Random Gear Depending On Your Current Max Tier Of Gear

2.  Gives 1 Extra Gold

Banker = S Tier


One Man Army = B Tier

lonely :(

Round Warrior = B Tier

has a friend healer

Assassin = A Tier

back line unit go bye bye

Poisoner = B Tier

Ranged Units Go Bye Bye

Blacksmith = B Tier

wouldve given S Tier if it would stop giving tack you buffing units and self

Berserker = D Tier

not gud enough

Shield Knight = A Tier

Defense Time

Part 2/3 Done (Part 3/3 Will Come Soon)


Has anyone won using Overprepped? He's just too weak

yes with couponer it is possible but donkey doesn't work with it :(

It's hard to get both couponer and overprepped. Have you actually tried it?

yes plus a banker

*yet 👀


solo team buffing still works? 


Unaffected By The Fool, The Reverser, And The Jester

If You Picked The Right Unit You Can Win



Might Lose Mid Game



I'd say Solo Buffing works better with the Ogre or Sprinkler, as the Monster lacks the reliability to handle full teams especially when you first get it


of course i know ogre or sprinkler it better why do you think i have 1 hp left 


misclick gang


Tier List Time

Warning: This List Is Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Long And Boring So You Might Misread Something

This Tier List Will Contain All Units And There Tiers (thanks to @flowG for the spreed sheet from the discord)

S Tier = Is OP

A Tier = Is 75% OP?

B Tier = Is Good

C Tier = Is Decent

D Tier = Is Less Decent

F Tier = Bad

Z Tier = Reserved For The Worst Of The Worst (no spoilers)

Base Unit Tier List (the ones from the shop)

Adventurer = B Tier

This Unit's Left Path Is Focused On Gear Scaling While The Right Path Is Focused On Gear But The Base Unit Is Good Since It Could Be Either A 2/4 A 3/2 Or A 4/4

Archer = C Tier

Base Unit Is Decent And All Of This Units Paths Are All About R A N G E

Bard = C Tier

Base Unit Gives +1 Health To All Newly Bought Units But Its Evolution Has Nothing To Do With The Base Line Unit Instead It Just An AoE Buffing Unit

Cleric = B Tier


Farmer = B Tier

I Would've Given This Unit S Tier But Some Of You Guys Are Good At Unit Picking

Jester = B Tier


Lancer = C Tier

Left Path Is Team Destroyer Right Path Is Reverse Rogue

Mage = A Tier


Money Bags = B Tier

Left Path Is About Making More Money Right Path Is About Saving Money Base Unit Is Sell

Recruit = B Tier

Left Path Is Lonely Right Path Is Reverse Cleric Base Unit Is Same As Right Path

Rouge = B Tier


Smith = C Tier

The Attack Giver

Warrior = C Tier

Left Path Is More Offensive Right Path Is More Defensive Base Unit Does Nothing

This Is Part 1 Out Of 3 So Wait Next Time For Part 2 Where I Rank The Second Paths (sorry for putting you on a cliffhanger lol)

Knife Thrower is too weak, it should not have the disadvantage of taking 1000 damage.

i disagree since people will just buff the health more and more since its like a better berserker and that will be an unfair meta build

It's a single attack, so even if it has high health, it won't be that strong

? i thought you said to remove the disadvantage of taking 1000 damage if it was removed and it has high health to almost survive any attack then it could delete all teams (as well of many other tier 3 units but that's besides the point)

What I'm saying is that even if the disadvantage is removed from Knife Thrower, it will not be overpowered

... wut? It does 1000 extra damage and then dies you are basically saying to remove the part where the unit dies

so if it can survive after having a 100% destroying without dying it can do it again so if he doesn't die (meaning he has high health) it will be so good that some armies on the player armies will have an high hp knife thrower basically almost removing the casual players


i will need all (most is ok) of the units tier 1 to 3 (flow chart is good) but you dont have to do it someone posted this in the discord

nice thanks


Will there eventually be a PC downloadable release so there won't be unitpedia  and history loss? Or is that currently todo later and the fix will encompass the web version too? (Although I don't like relying on cookies either, but I don't know how games save online progress so the data may not be as volatile as I think)


Ideally, both! We're aiming to have a Windows downloadable version, as well as Accounts to prevent the Unitpedia being wiped in a future update!


They just kinda chose peace instead, so now I have to start over-


Yeah it happens often since the last update it is boring as fuck

Has this been happening to you at all in the last ~12 hours? That's when v0.31 went live and attempts to fix this

Apologies for that! We're trying to fix instances where this is occurring


I just pushed a fix for this issue (Hopefully) let me know if you run into any more issues!


pacifist run time


Fun Fact: The Maximum Money You Can Have Is 70 (too bad i forgot to screenshot it before the 0.31 patch)

(1 edit) (+1)

Patch v0.31 is now live!

Thanks for everyone that found the bugs in the v0.3, we really appreciate all of your feedback! Here's the things that the hotfix has fixed:

-Enemy Card Throwers hitting their own team
-Being able to combine Tier 3 Units
-The Unit Selection exploit
-Card thrower's description was missing a period, and Ogre's has an extra "for" :Ogre:

In addition, we are wiping the current database of armies since some of you gamers beat the game using glitched armies. So for the first few times you play, you may be seeing the same enemy team over and over again, but this will be fixed with time. Thanks again for all of the feedback!


add yordle dodge



This has been fixed in the new hotfix and will be patched out in a few minutes! Thanks for finding this!


We're planning a hotfix tonight / tomorrow, just so everyone knows!


Game hangs on 10th battle more than once.  (Advanced and Hard).  Running Brave if that helps.


We're looking to get some fixes for this out tonight!

happens before 10th battle too


Pls upload it on french google play


We're looking to get it out to more countries soon!


Hey everyone, as you might have seen Version 0.3 is OUT!! (On itch and shortly Google Play)

You can see all the updates here:

Liking the devlog does a lot for visibility so if you could like the devlog when you read it it'd make me very happy :)

Thanks again for playing our game!


v0.3 LET'S GO!!




Awesome. The ambient music and dsesign simplicity is truly a work of art


Thanks so much <3


the adventurer is my favorite unit :)

It was one of the more fun ones to make as well, glad you like it :)


I just beat the game without a single buff on any of my units in PvP mode:

And man was that hard. It took me 29 tries.

That is....truly impressive ._.

hey >:( i was trying to do that

Tihihi. You can try doing it in less than 29 attempts. You can see the comp here.

  • Banker - I rush this early for as much gold. Need a first position to buy the Poisoner a turn and it has great base stats
  • Poisoner - super important early-mid carry, softens up targets for Chaos later. Should be 3rd Tier3
  • Chaos - the true carry, rush Tier3 asap after having a Poisoner, Banker & Crossbow Man
  • Long Crossbow Man - mostly an early game carry and least important Tier3 (other than Banker)
  • Sniper - the second carry. It has the highest single target damage in the game and is a must to beat frontliners. Rush Tier3 after getting chaos

And if you wanna snipe my goal... currently trying to make the Knife Thrower work.

hmmm i mean its good on the back but it cannot summon anything when it faints to result in a win plus there are units that can target the back


dang, just one away from the max amount of level 3s


new tier list + gear tier list after update gets released


If you wanna see a new unit we revealed that will be released this weekend, we teased it on our twitter!!

Check it out here:


Checked Your Twitter On My Non-Existing Twitter Account And I Don't Want To Spoil Anything But I Am Excited



Love the patapon aesthetic, power creep really got me at the end!

UI could use some work QOL work, like the frozen effect and the selling units.


May I suggest an endless mode? :D


... like a lot of other people suggested that and the devs might have been already planned that in the next update


It's not going to be in the next update, but we're looking to add a longer mode in the future!

Endless might be off the table, but maybe like a 30 turn mode or something


30 turns is probably enough haha


necromancer with 1 attack vs necromancer with 1 attack, what happens

necromancer can't have 1 attack


And, because I feel really motivated at the moment here's Balance Commentary part 3. Please excuse any negativity, since I'm mostly mentioning the weaker units. The game won't be any less awesome because of them. So I hope everyone gets to enjoy post 3, featuring:

Assassin - This unit is almost too good. It completely circumvents the frontline AND hits 2 units. The only downside is when it dies, and the enemy backline doesn't. And maybe its low base HP.

Verdict: one of the top units in the game. IF you want to nerf it, maybe give it the Knife Thrower's ability instead.

Poisoner - Another top unit in my opinion. It cleans up the backline squishies safely from the 2nd row. It also doesn't need attack buffs.

Verdict: another top unit. IF you want to nerf it, either reduce its range (that's less of a nerf than it sounds like, I play it in the 1st row a lot) or make it simply hit everyone for 2, without attacking normally.

Monster - Some people say that it's S-tier, I personally think that it's mostly fine. The attack is halved and the targets are random. Other units are somewhat more reliable.

Verdict: I think it's okay, but as a nerf reducing the amount of attacks to 4 is an easy option without a massive impact.

Shadow - An incredibly strong unit. Most of the time, it will oneshot the 3 units in the back. Makes for an amazing carry, more so because the Assassin is similarly amazing.

Verdict: nerfing this directly is really hard. A rework would be a better idea. I'd simply rework the Assassin to be weaker, leaving the Shadow nerfed as a result.

Knife Thrower - On paper, this unit isn't even that bad. You likely kill a Tier3 tank unit and the Knife Thrower needs no investments. In practice, the Assassin is just so much better. Why would you leave the Assassins unbuffed? Either you buff the Assassins and then downgrade them, or you're gathering terribly weak Tier2 units and die before you get the Knife Thrower.

Short Verdict: bad unit, needs rework

Long Verdict: one buff would be to remove the damage to itself, and reduce the bonus damage to say 50 or 100. I'd also swap it with the Monster, since the Monster is a unit that wants buff, just like the Assassin. Meanwhile the Knife Thrower is a unit that DOESN'T want buffs, just like the Poisoner.

There's also another option: this unit is meant to be a counter against strong frontliners. It's whack to gather a counter that's a Tier3 unit, and would have a better find in a Tier2 unit. So one option would be to switch it with the Assassin, or even give it its own unit branch. As a Tier1 unit, it might deal 10 damage to the target and itself. As a Tier2 unit, it might deal an additional 50 damage to the target and itself. Maybe there's a Tier2 variant that deals an extra 20 to the target, but not itself. There's a lot of things that can happen here.

Living Weapon - This unit is a lot weaker than the Armory. At the point where you get it, the front unit likely already has a lot of attack. I'd much rather spread my attack out a bit more, especially with ranged units the frontline profits from that anyway.

Verdict: there's a niche for this, the buff value should probably be the same as the Armory's though.

Weapon Limbs - This unit doesn't suffer the drawbacks of Living Weapon, because it triggers when shopping. That means that you can reposition your units to specifically get the buff on the target you want.

Verdict: don't think this is like the Living Weapon. This one needs to gain less stats the the Furnace. I repeat: do not buff.

Berserker - You get +8 stats once. That should tell you how bad this unit is.

Verdict: must be buffed. For example, it could temporarily gain +8 attack each time it attacks. Or it could gain +3 attack each round.

Shield Knight - To be better than the Berserker, this unit must be hit 9 times. It's just as bad.

Verdict: must be buffed. For example, it could be immune during the first round of combat, or it could prevent attacks against the backline, taking the damage in their stead.

A Shield? - This unit is hard to rate. It counters certain units in the game, but overall I don't think it's too good. One of the issues is that it's both a front and backline unit (you want it in the backline, to grant its buff as long as possible, but you probably buffed the Shield Knights with lots of HP). This would be a great unit if you know what you'll be fighting against, but so far I consider it bad.

Verdict: must be buffed. I like the "invulnerable during the 1st round" idea here as well. Maybe it could extend it to the entire army. Similar with the taking damage in their stead thing. I think the issue is that most backline targeting units (other than the Fire Mage) just oneshot their targets, and 5 less damage won't help.

Tower Knight - This is the HP equivalent to attacking 2 enemies. So technically speaking that would mean it follows more of a Tier2 curve. It is a fairly strong unit anyway, however I would never get it as its ancestor is just too bad. Offense still reigns supreme.

Verdict: what this unit needs is a buff to the Shield Knight. This also makes me think that maybe the Shield Knight could take half damage and the Tower Knight only 1/3rd? Or possibly both take half damage, but the Shield Knight only from the frontline.

Barbarian - This one is a really cool unit. It is the only unit in the game that deals double damage against the frontline (also a thing that the Berserker could get). It also gets extra attacks against backline attackers.

Verdict: cool unit and in a great place

Ogre - The strongest lategame unit in the game. It obliterates almost every teamcomp with a single attack if it's buffed sufficiently. The only way to win against an Ogre is to have a unit yourself that can solo the Ogre's army. Speaking thusly, it might actually make sense that the Berserker is this weak, simply to balance out the Ogre.

Verdict: this unit is very hard to balance. Honestly speaking, nerfing it will probably leave it weaker than the other multiattack units (unless you do something like reduce the damage to 40% of its attack). Maybe also give it a drawback like taking double damage. Alternatively, it could deal double damage and any excess damage carries over to the next unit.

Final option would be to nerf all multiattack units. In that case, maybe the Ogre would hit the first 3 units. A nerf isn't mandatory either; so far it still requires a lot of investment to get the Ogre rolling and at that point every other teamcomp I got also steamrolled almost everything. Might be best to just see how good it is in the future.


tell me you got an op team without telling me you got an op team 


in the end the pink guy's (can't remember the name lol) had 192 damage

Ya know, Ogre's are a lot like Onions.

They make me cry when they're suddenly in my face.

lol true

Balance Commentary Post 2 incoming. Please excuse any negativity, since I'm mostly mentioning the weaker units. The game won't be any less awesome because of them. So I hope everyone gets to enjoy post 2, featuring:

Bards - I like every single Bard unit, they all have a decent spot for themselves. I could see using each of them in some set of circumstances.

Verdict: fun & balanced

Super Cleric/Healer - I think they're generally weaker than the Scholar branch. Obviously the HP are better on the frontliner, but it is possible to focus the Scholar a bit more by leaving it in the barracks. I think the Healer's thing is more that you can leave it in the Army, where it won't be doing much because it lacks range.

Verdict: overall a good unit, would benefit from having 2 range like the Scholars.

Necromancer - I've said many times before, that buffs are better on the units that need them. The Necromancer doesn't need them. Worse yet, it grants itself a measly 5 HP per attack. Chances are it gets hit before even getting 30HP for itself. At that point, the Super Cleric would've done more. The range doesn't help much either, since the Healer never had any to begin with.

Verdict: this unit needs a rework, or a massive buff. @TheRealAskz proposed reviving units on 1 HP once, which I like. Or maybe increase the buff value to +10+10 (that's in line with the Tambourinist btw.).

Long Thrower - Another unit that suffers the 5-range issue. At the point where you get it, you're already overkilling the enemy frontline, and you're also opening up the 2-range slot in your army. The Sprinkler is just always the better option.

Verdict: it still provides an alternative niche, but it should probably get a damage boost or more reliable piercing effect. E.g. make it attack the 2nd unit if the 1st unit is already dead.

Spiked Shield - So instead of dealing its attack to the squishier and more dangerous 2nd and 3rd units, it deals up to 25 bonus damage to the front unit. That's just terrible. E.g. the Barbarian attacks the attacking unit back. The Spiked Shield is much, much worse than that. I guess its purpose is to melt the frontline, but it is terrible at it. Hitting the backline is just always better, unless it's a 1-unit team. But it's even worse against those.

Verdict: this requires heavy buffing. At the very least it should retaliate equal it its attack or half its HP. You could also increase the amount to 20. Or, if you want it to be really unique: return half the damage to the sender (shouldn't reduce the damage it takes though, otherwise it's just a better Tower Knight)

Fire Mage - This might be the first unit I mention because it is really good. It's just amazing at clearing out the squishy backline. With optimal targeting it can sometimes kill 3 units at the start of combat.

Verdict: I would still leave it as is though, since it's a great enabler of low-buff teams.

Entropy Mage - In general terms, this unit is weaker than the Fire Mage, but I think it has a wonderful niche for itself in which it excels. The unfortunate part is that it looses its damage as it gets hit, so it can be unreliable at times.

Verdict: it's in a decent spot. It doesn't need buffs if AOE units overall get nerfed. Otherwise, there's 2 options: either before combat its attack becomes half its HP, or the weaker buff would be that it uses its attack once its HP are too low.

Chaos - I think this is a great unit. Amazing for a team without damage buffs. It deals an average of 50 damage per round, usually targeting better enemies than the frontline. The big part is that because of the nature of its predecessor, it likely has a lot of HP.

Verdict: balanced

Entropy Wizard - This unit suffers from similar issues as the Entropy Mage. It needs a lot of HP to be better than Chaos.

Verdict: should probably not loose damage when it gets hit.

One Man Army - the maximum amount of buffage this guy gets is +8 stats if every other slot is empty. That's pretty weak, especially since it's more likely +6 as other slots are occupied by the units you're gathering to upgrade it. On the other hand, it's extremely cost-effective, and allows you to concentrate fully on upgrading it.

Verdict: I guess it can't be made too strong. Though it could do with a buff like "randomly +1+0 or +0+2"

Round Warrior - What prevents me from simply putting a Healer into my first army slot instead? That's the same amount of HP per turn.  Also this unit itself is a bad recipient for its own buff. Units like the Hoplite or Assassin just make twice as much out of it.

Verdict: the amount of stats this gets is really underwhelming. Should be minimum +0+6.

Three Swords Style - This suffers all the same downsides as the One Man Army. The max stats i grants are +24. The one thing keeping it afloat are the One Man Army's stats. I guess at least you can just slam items onto it like crazy?

Six Armed Demon - The amount of buffs is dissatisfying. Just like the Three Swords Style, it mostly gets carried by its Tier2 unit. It then makes for a decent frontline unit while you start collecting a backline.

Double Verdict: these 2 units are mostly being hampered by the concept. They can't be too strong, otherwise you'd have a braindead strategy. I think it's fun to have a meme strat or two though, so they're fine as they come. Alternatively, one of them could diverge from the theme and gain a completely different ability, that gives it a power multiplier - like double attack or damage reduction.

Beetle Guard - you upgrade a unit that gets the same HP as the Healer grants, but only on itself to a unit that gets LESS HP than the Super Healer grants, but only on itself.

Verdict: both Beetle Guard and Round Warrior need to gain WAY more stats. I'd give this one at least double of what it receives at the moment.

Mush Knight - This is the sole reason I'd build round warriors for. If you're lucky, you can end up with a bunch of 1-attack enemies. Unfortunately it gets slaughtered by high attack units.

Verdict: The attack reduction needs to be a % value rather than a flat value. The greatest danger to this unit are high attack units after all. Alternatively, it could be reworked to reduce the enemy maximum damage. E.g. after their first attack, the enemy's attack is reduced to 50 if it is higher. Then to 45, then to 40, etc.

(1 edit)

Again love the game I just wish there were pairs of units that just go together like how in SAP the horse and cricket go together. I also wish you could freeze one thing then roll without losing that thing

Sry for nagging you with my unnecessary requests  lol

there are units that go together, just not rly in tier 1, also going from auto pets to this, the mass freeze felt a little weird, but now i like it, it helps this game differentiate from auto pets, and also idk why but i just feel smarter using mass freeze and thinking about whether i should roll again if i've got like 2 gold, and see if i can get 2 units i want, or freeze here and for sure get 1 unit i want

yeah i agree im always questioning whether or not I should risk rerolling

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