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Currently this page is being updated, check back later for a more filled out page.

Frog Overlay:

Viewers also have the ability to change colors with the !changecolor command

Download Link: Not Currently Available

Bird Overlay:

This overlay just features each chatter as a bird on the tree. They fly around randomly without requiring interaction.  When someone types in chat their message appears from their bird and an animation and sound play.

Download Link: Not Currently Available

Fish Overlay:

The Fish Overlay was the first that was created. It just shows each chatter as a fish on screen using a simple flocking AI behavior.  User's in chat can also use a !feedfish command to spawn food pellets which the fish try to path towards and when eaten the fish grow in size. (Unfortunately this is the busiest of the overlays, so getting a nice looking gif that fits the size constraints is difficult).

Download Link: Not Currently Available

Character Creation Overlay:

The Character Creation Overlay allows everyone in chat to customize a character and when they type in chat that character will appear on screen.  They can change their character on the fly by using a !setcharacter command followed by their generated character code.

You can try out the character creator here: https://ccwaterboy.itch.io/waterboys-avatar

Unlikely this project will see a public release without a lot of interest.

Among Us Chat Game:

Every viewer that comments in chat is added into a queue of Among Us characters that appear on screen. When the character joins they have a random chance of becoming the "imposter" and will randomly kill other characters on screen. After a set period, the chat is able to use the !vote command to vote out who they think the imposter is. After that's done, the voted played is ejected. The game keeps track of every time the chat is correct.

Download Link: Not Currently Available

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